10 Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas For Back To School

    Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.33.44 PMLocal real estate professionals understand that many people have kids who are heading back to school. In fact, many area homeowners are looking for some helpful tips on how they can pack healthy lunches. This can be challenging, you’ll want kid friendly foods that are healthy, but will also stay fresh until lunch time. Here are some easy tips to make lunch time more enjoyable!

    1. Make your own Lunchable and save money while offering healthier alternatives. Most kids love these handy lunchbox favorites, but you can make your own with crackers, cubed cheese, meat and a handful of grapes or strawberries.

    2. Cute Bento Box Lunches. Kids love little finger foods and a cute presentation. Whole grain bread, pesto and roast turkey can be kid-friendly, when cut into shapes and placed in a bright silicone muffin cup.

    3. Cut up fruit is much easier for kids to eat than a whole orange or apple. Place bite size pieces of fruit in a container and add some fun toothpicks for serving.

    4. Wraps are a kid-friendly alternative to sandwiches. Use tortillas, lettuce or flat bread to make a variety of wraps. Slice on the diagonal and wrap in waxed paper for easy handling.

    5. Fun dips like hummus or peanut butter offer another excellent alternative for a protein packed lunch. Add pretzels or assorted vegetables for dipping and you’ll have a perfect back to school lunch.

    6. Get a wide mouth thermos. Keeping lunch fun and healthy means switching it up from time to time. A thermos will allow you to send a nourishing bowl of hot soup or stew, that will stay hot until lunch time.

    7. Freeze yogurt or leftover smoothie in a leak proof container. Put it in your child’s lunchbox in the morning and it will thaw, but still be chilled when lunch rolls around.

    8. Create your own healthy snack mixes. Make homemade granola, energy bites or snack mixes with pretzels, nuts, dry cereal and raisins. Kids love finger foods they can nibble on with no fuss.

    9. Fruit rolls ups are always popular and they are very easy to make at home. If you don’t have a food dehydrator, simply dry fruit puree in your oven at its lowest setting. Puree your favorite fruit or fruit blend, then spread in a thin layer and dry. Slice into strips and roll in plastic wrap for a healthy fruit snack that’s perfect for a lunchbox.

    10. A lunch salad with your child’s favorite toppings is always a hit. Add grapes, chunk chicken, carrot sticks and some croutons or crackers. Put some low-fat dressing in a small spill-proof container.

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