10 Tips For Staging Your Home To Sell In The Winter

    shutterstock_262437152When you want to sell real estate during the winter months, it’s important to consider some expert tips on how to stage your home for the best success. This time of the year tends to have fewer buyers, but sellers only need that one prospective buyer to make a purchase offer. Ensure you do your part to help buyers see your home in a positive light.

    1. Clean windows and open blinds or drapes to let in as much light as possible. Turn on lights throughout your home. Winter months are often drab, so brighten your home as much as possible.

    2. Keep walkways clear of snow and ice. Sprinkle a little sand on the driveway, stairs and paths in order to ensure solid footing.

    3. If you have a fireplace, this is the perfect time to make sure that you have a stack of wood next to the hearth and a roaring fire burning in the fireplace.

    4. Create a cozy looking environment. By simply placing a stack of books next to the sofa with a couple of cozy afghans you’ll make your living room seem more inviting.

    5. Pay attention to the kitchen. Regardless of the season, the kitchen is typically the heart of the home. Some fresh baked bread (even if you’re just baking it from frozen dough) or some homemade cookies will trigger fond memories for most people.

    6. The bathroom is another important room that needs some www. Make it seem like a luxury retreat. Roll towels to place by the tub, arrange a bowl of fancy bath soaps, and add a nice vase with flowers on the vanity.

    7. In the bedroom, a bed with plenty of throw pillows, an extra quilt, and a breakfast tray can make buyers think about leisurely mornings relaxing in bed with the newspaper.

    8. Organization is key to proper www. Winter brings with it wet footwear, hats, scarves and jackets. Create a convenient way to store these items close to the door you use the most.

    9. Turn on some music to set a relaxing mood. It shouldn’t be so loud that you find it difficult to hold a conversation, just soft enough to provide some relaxing background music.

    10. Just like music is important to creating a nice environment, candles strategically placed in various rooms can provide a nice touch.

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