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5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

shutterstock_235724176Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a loved one doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Keep it simple and stay at home by trying one of these 5 DIY crafts and helpful tips:

Handmade card. Don’t spend money on a generic card when you can make your own. Whether you print it out using a template on the computer, or you hand make it out of craft paper, a homemade card is a special way to show how much you care.

Love coupons. Create your own coupons to gift your loved one so that they can redeem them whenever they want. Include things like an extra long hug, a back massage, or an offer for a home cooked meal. Get creative and keep in mind what types of things the recipient would most enjoy. You can even add in homemade coupons to take them on special dates throughout the year to romantic destinations, like a picnic in the park, or a stroll on the beach.

52 reasons cards. Take a deck of basic playing cards and a permanent marker, and let your loved one know 52 different reasons why you love them. You can write one reason down on each card. Then use a hole puncher to make holes in all 52 cards, and tie them together with a ribbon or thick string. They’ll love reading through all of the reasons that you truly treasure them.

Candy mason jar. Fill up a classic mason jar with your loved one’s favorite candies. Go out of your way to find the sweet treats that they love the most. Add a ribbon around the lid for an extra special touch.

Frame a love map. Use a simple road map to mark the spots that mean the most to you both, such as the town where you first met or shared your first kiss. Use a red marker to mark the spots with a heart, and then cut the map to fit into a picture frame. It’s something they’ll be able to display and will surely treasure.

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