5 “Hardscaping” Tips For Your Home

    kate diy111

    What is “hardscaping”? 

    Just like landscaping, hardscaping is when you spruce up the outside of your home but this term is specifically refers to things like decks, pools, patios, walk paths, outdoor fireplace, etc. Here are a few hardscaping tips for your home…

    Outdoor Getaway

    Think of a place that inspires you, the theme, the colors, the sounds. Maybe it was a luxury resort you stayed at, a park you explored or a local relaxing hot spot. Whatever the inspiration, create something that you love to visit and use for relaxation or fun times with the family.

    Walking Paths

    Instead of just laying bricks or stone to create a walking path, line the path with beautiful flowers and plants for something more! Make the walk more interesting by adding a waterfall, bird feeder, etc.

    Work Around What’s There

    Instead of knocking down trees to create your back yard escape, try working with what’s already there. Lay the patio in a different spot or add landscaping around the base of the tree to accent your patio. The possibilities are endless!


    In addition to outdoor furniture, sometimes adding built in seats on your deck or patio can not only showcase the space but add more functional use to it as well. Especially with your patio! Adding a short wall can act as seating, encloses the space, and creates a place for you to add potted plants, etc.


    This is a no-brainer, right? Whether it be a fire pit or built-in fireplace, add a little heat outside to roast marshmallows, BBQ and have a functional luxurious piece.

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