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5 Life Hacks To Use Around Your Home

shutterstock_300819905It doesn’t matter how large or how small your home, finding creative life hacks can help keep you organized. Whether it’s a convenient way to store your ironing board or it’s a great solution for keeping drawers organized, simple life hacks are an excellent way to meet those small daily challenges.

For example, many real estate agents recommend that homeowners make their home as tidy as possible before putting their property on the market. However, if you have young kids, you probably already know that crayon marks tend to find their way onto walls. A simple life hack that will help you get those marks off quickly and easily is to warm the crayon marks with a hair dryer, then, while it’s still warm, wipe clean with a cloth dipped in warm water and soap.

If you’ve ever struggled with a cumbersome ironing board, you know it’s something you want to have close at hand, but it’s also something that tends to take up a great deal of closet space. By hanging a couple of hooks behind your laundry room door, you can easily hang your ironing board out of site, while keeping it easily accessible.

The pantry is another area where homeowners often struggle to keep things organized. Try using a magazine rack to store those extra cans of food, while small bins will keep spice packets and lids neatly organized.

In the kitchen, the microwave is often an appliance that gets overlooked. Warming food in the microwave often leads to splatters and messes that get baked on and hard to clean. Peel a couple of lemons and place the rinds in a bowl of water; heat for 5 minutes, then remove. Now you can easily wipe your microwave clean, and the best part is, it smells nice.

When you have rakes, shovels and yard equipment, an extra trash can makes a perfect place to keep them all organized. Stick the handles in the can and they’ll stay neatly in place until you need them.

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