5 Reasons To Start House Hunting This Fall

    Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.00.28 AMIf you’ve been thinking about buying a house, this fall might be the perfect time. There are numerous advantages of purchasing a home in the fall, including the following:

    Less Competition. With many people putting off the purchase of a new home until after winter, you might be able to find a great deal in the fall. There’s definitely going to be less competition, so the market will move into a buyer’s market. That’s always a great advantage for home buyers.

    Sellers are Motivated to Sell. Sellers are often anxious to sell their home so that they can move before the holidays. For many, their home has been on the market for a few months and the thought of having to wait until next spring or summer to find a buyer will motivate them to accept a lower purchase offer. When sellers are anxious to move, buyers can often get a great price.

    More Attention from Your Real Estate Agent. With the real estate marketing slowing down over the last few months of the year, you’ll likely be able to get more attention from your real estate agent. During the spring and summer, agents are often overbooked trying to meet the needs of numerous clients; but now, with their schedules more manageable, you’ll be able to get their undivided attention in your house hunting endeavor.

    Enjoy Tax Advantages. When you buy a house in the fall, you’ll be able to take advantage of tax breaks. Why wait until the spring? When you purchase before the end of the year, tax breaks like mortgage interest and property taxes can be deducted from your yearly income, even if you close in December.

    Decorate Your New Home with End of Year Sales. What better way to enjoy your new home, than to be able to decorate it on a budget. With many retailers offering huge end of year sales, homeowners who purchase property in the fall will be able to take advantage of these discounts in order to decorate their new home.

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