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5 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell in the Spring

shutterstock_243074209Reestablish the room’s purpose. Each room began with a purpose. The seller may have changed this purpose over time (i.e., a bedroom to home office conversion, a garage to guesthouse conversion). The staging process should reinforce the room’s original purpose. Using the same examples, staging professionals should turn that home office back into a bedroom and turn the guesthouse back into a garage. This avoids buyer confusion.

Remove personalized items. The word ‘personalized’ represents preference and customization. Things a seller likes will not match all buyers’ tastes. To reach all buyers, turn the entire home neutral. Achieve this by removing mementos and possessions from the home. No personal items should remain in the home. Distracted and frustrated buyers cannot visualize themselves living there and will search for their dream home elsewhere.

Remove seasonal decor. We are past Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Valentine’s Day. Since seasonal décor doubles as personalized items, any item symbolizing holidays and wintertime should not exist on the property.

Light it up. Winter’s chilly air encourages sellers to close the windows and shut the doors. It’s springtime now. Include light in the rooms. Open those curtains and let natural sunlight in the house. Turn on indoor lighting for rooms and hallways lacking sunlight.

“Light it up” can easily convert to bright colors as well. Springtime colors like yellow, pink, green, and light blue need to be in your house. Incorporate those colors in pillows, rugs, artwork, decorative accessories, furniture, flowers, and wall color.

Clean continuously. The cleaning doesn’t stop after the first staging because dust, debris, dirt, and cobwebs will reveal itself whether a person inhabits it or not. Besides, buyers will notice dust, uncut lawns, and smelly odors. Therefore, the home must remain clean for every visit. Buyers and real estate agents can focus on the home instead of the clutter. Additionally, one of many selling tips is to open the window. Suspicious odors can air out while fresh air comes in.

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