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5 Tips to Selling Your Home This Winter

It is no secret winter can be a tough time to sell a house. The holidays can distract potential buyers from getting out and looking at homes, and the dreary, winter weather can be discouraging. How do you attract a buyer when the weather is so bleak? Your house might not look as inviting and warm in the winter months as it does when the sun is shining and the grass is green. So how do you reel in a buyer? Here are a few of our tips to help buyers warm up to your home.

Make It Cozy

Warm up the inside of your home with candles, fuzzy blankets, and maybe even a roaring fire to create a cozy feel. Everyone loves a comfy couch and a warm blanket especially in the stark chill of winter, so drape a blanket over the back of your couch to make it a part of the room. Stage your home where buyers could imagine themselves relaxing in the living room, cooking with their loved ones in the kitchen, and winding down at night in the bedroom. You want to create a warm escape from the cold weather and harsh outdoors and create an area that buyers will want to relax in. Accentuate areas of your home that are perfect for indoor, winter activities like reading or playing games with family. Crafting this atmosphere during the winter months can make your home an enticing option for potential buyers.

Lighten It Up

Open up those curtains and blinds! Allow natural light to fill each room and to make the beautiful features of your home shine. Letting natural light illuminate your home can make the space feel bigger and airier. Add layers of light by turning on some floor and table lamps. Placing light sources in front of a mirror or reflective surface will make your space even brighter. This extra light and warmth can help highlight specific elements that only your home can offer to the buyer. Avoid overhead lighting, as it is often harsh in comparison to the soft glow that natural light and lamps can provide. Let your home be bright and full of light to combat the natural gloom and darkness of winter.

Do Some Early Spring Cleaning

Winter weather, especially snow and ice, can leave the outside of your home looking dingy and dirty. Do some early outdoor spring cleaning by power washing the exterior of your home, cleaning out those gutters of any remaining fall leaves, and wiping down windows, inside and out. If there is snow on the ground, shovel a path to your front door so potential buyers don’t have to trek through inches of snow to get into your home (and then track that snow into your freshly cleaned house). If there isn’t any snow on the ground, make sure your yard and flower beds are rid of dead leaves and plants. Your landscaping can still look manicured even if it’s winter! Spring cleaning can extend to the interior of your home as well. Work on tasks that don’t get done often, like wiping down fan blades, baseboards, and door frames to give your home that extra sparkle.

Serve Wintery Snacks

Embrace the season by offering potential buyers wintery treats as they tour your home. Hot cocoa is always a great option to help buyers warm up after coming in from the icy cold. Try baking Apple Walnut Cranberry cookies instead of a more traditional sweet refreshment. This wintery goody could spark some nostalgia in a buyer as they reminisce about the winters and holidays spent with loved ones, enjoying treats like the ones you’ve provided. The sooner the buyer equates your home with nostalgia, warmth, and family, the better! Transform your favorite winter recipes into easy, on-the-go snacks by taking each element of the recipe and sticking it on a toothpick. That way, buyers can easily grab and go without having to fuss with tiny plates and utensils while they tour your home.  

Brighten Up Your Home with Wintery Decorations

Though the time has passed for Christmas trees and stockings, winter-themed decorations can still make an appearance in your home well into the new year. Neutral string lights can bring brightness and warmth to any corner of your home, and can accentuate unique features of your home like a beautiful, winding banister or a set of built-in bookshelves. Decorative snowflakes, leafy garland, and snowy pinecones can embellish your mantle, kitchen table, or buffet. A seasonal wreath made of rich, green pine or brightly colored berries can make your front door more lively and dazzling. Adding these small details can make your home feel festive and appropriately in season.

Though winter is a tough time to sell a home, it can be done. Using the tips above can accentuate the charm of your home and if you still have questions, or would like advice, contact the experts at Crager Tobin Realty. We’re here to help make the selling process as simple as possible!

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