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8 Secret Real Estate Tips

shutterstock_3036245031. The staging process in home selling evolves. Buyers believe the staging process is a one-size-fits-all process, but it actually staged based on the season. Two additional staging tips include playing music and manipulating furniture to make a room large or small.

2. Buyers love lawns. The smell lures buyers toward a particular home. In fact, many agents expect sellers to be available for last-minute lawn mowing just to give buyers that first impression.

3. Budget-conscious buyers conjure up an ideal price but are willing to view homes within a price range. Realtors use something called “pricing-strategy bands” to convince sellers to price the home correctly for maximum views. An example: a buyer wants to pay 120,000 for a home. The price range is between 100,000 and 125,000. Agents price the home at 124,000 right below the price range to grab those buyers.

4. Agents can negotiate commission with the seller, but sellers may decide against it in search of a reasonable realtor. In that case, the seller is correct. Dump those overpriced or low-cost agents in favor of reasonably priced agents.

5. The black hole of real estate is placing home listings online or in the newspaper at the wrong time. Examples of bad timing include holidays, weekends, May graduations, and a new school/college year (August/September). Buyers never see it due to newer listings piling on top of it.

6. Attention-seeking real estate listings grab the buyer’s attention, yet lack long-term results. Exaggerations, lies, misleading, and missing information disappoint buyers who expected genuine results. A ‘fool me once’ situation like this never delivers.

7. Homes sitting on the market for a month minimum are a cold listing. This is a sign of overpricing. A reduction now makes sellers look bad. Avoid cold listings by pricing the home correctly to keep the listing hot.

8. The real estate season begins President’s Day weekend and ends in September. This is the housing season cycle. The zenith of real estate occurs in June.

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