A Simple Home Maintenance Checklist To Prep For Fall

    shutterstock_317033012Fall is the ideal time of the year to take care of important home maintenance tasks. By spending a little time attending to issues in the Autumn, you’ll ensure that your home stays in good shape throughout the harsh winter months. It will also make readying your home for the Spring much simpler. Here’s a quick checklist to help homeowners prep the home for fall:

    1) Clean gutters

    Get out the ladder and give your gutters a good look. Clean out any leaves and debris that may have accumulated, and check the connections to ensure they’re sturdy and stable. Also check downspouts when it rains to be sure that they’re draining properly.

    2) Caulk and seal

    To keep your home energy efficient during the cold winter, you’ll need to caulk and seal around windows and doors. Remove and replace any cracked, dried out caulk. This ensures a good seal to keep warm air inside of the home and moisture and cold air out.

    3) Give your furnace a tune up

    Before you switch on the heat, have a professional come by and do an inspection and tune up. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system is in good working order. They can also replace the filter, keeping the air that circulates throughout the home cleaner.

    4) Inspect the exterior

    Take a walk around your home and do a visual inspection to see where paint may be peeling or siding may be coming loose. You will want to make sure that your siding is in good condition to keep moisture damage from occurring. Peeling paint can lead to wood rot, which can end up being very costly.

    5) Test detectors

    With every season change, you should be checking your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure the batteries are new and that the alarm itself is in working order.

    These simple tasks will only take a few hours to do, and will help keep your home in great shape. Homeowners will be able to enjoy the fall and winter months, knowing that the property is well maintained all year long.

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