Helpful Landscaping Tips For Newbies

    Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 4.05.44 PMMost homeowners want a beautifully-landscaped and well-kept yard. They also want the landscape to look like some thought went into its design. For homeowners who have never done any form of landscaping, the task could seem quite overwhelming. However, with a bit of patience and a few tips, you will be able to transform your property into a thing of beauty. Below are some landscaping tips that can be used to boost the visual appeal of your property:

    List Your Needs and Wants. Draw rough sketches of the property, considering the locations in which you want things to be placed. These are not set in stone, they are merely ideas. Your sketches could literally be a few circles and a couple of lines. As long as you can understand the sketches, formal planning can be done on the actual site. This allows you to play around with ideas before making a final decision.

    Study the Patterns of the Sun and Wind. Placing a patio on the west side of the property could be problematic when it comes to relaxing in the summer. In that location, your patio will get an abundance of afternoon sun. Additionally, an ill-placed fire pit will quickly extinguish by whistling wind. Beginners need to pay close attention to these common landscape design mistakes. Ensure your design take into consideration what the wind and sun do at various times throughout the day and year.

    Easy Does It. Make sure you slowly develop a plan and take pleasure in the process. You can start with a small flowerbed and dedicate an hour or two throughout the day to working on it. Do not worry about filing everything in right away.

    These landscaping tips are designed for beginners who want to take on the task of landscaping their own property.

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