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Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

dog-1224267_1920Whether you are getting your home ready to list or preparing for an open house, cleanliness is essential. Potential homebuyers will have trouble picturing themselves in your home if your place is messy or has pet toys strewn about in every room. You can improve your chances of a quick offer if you spend a few extra minutes cleaning and de-cluttering your home. Cleaning away pet stains and odors is imperative if you hope to receive multiple offers on your listing. Keep these spring cleaning tips for pet owners in mind and you will improve your odds as a home seller.

– Pet owners who deep clean their carpets have a much better chance of selling their home at full price than those who neglect this essential cleaning tactic. Freshly cleaned carpets smell wonderful and leave potential buyers feeling confident about the cleanliness of your home. They know they will not have to clean the carpets prior to moving in; a substantial saving for a price-conscious buyer.

– Deodorize your furniture to ensure all pet smells are removed. Nothing can turn a buyer off faster than walking into a home for sale and instantly smelling the odor of pet dander (or pet urine). Even though you will be taking your furniture with you when you move, the odors trapped in your furniture can be an immediate turn off. Spray your sofas and chairs with a fresh smelling room deodorizer and buff all tables and cabinets with a lemon-fresh furniture polish.

– If your pets are litter-box trained, clean your litter boxes in advance of a home showing. Remove all litter, scrub and sanitize the box, and place fresh litter back in your pet’s litter box. Whenever possible, store the litter box outside where any residual odor will be unnoticeable.

These homeowner tips can make a huge difference when selling your home. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home; pet odors can stop them from doing so. Put these spring cleaning tips to work and you might be moving to your new home before you know it.

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