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Spring Gardening Tips For Newbies

flower-110692_1920What makes your real estate feel more like a home? Of course, for most homeowners, it’s when they put their own personal touch on their property. Everything from decorating to landscaping can make a big difference in making your home your own unique space. With spring, comes the perfect time to concentrate on your yard, and a garden filled with beautiful flowers or your favorite vegetables can help make your house a welcoming home.

If you are new to gardening or you weren’t born with a green thumb, some simple gardening tips can get you started. For example, there are a few basic things that you’re going to need to consider. These include your growing season, what type of garden you’d like to have, and your available growing space. Not every vegetable, tree or flower is going to work well in all locations, so a detailed plan is an important first step.

Take a look at your outdoor space and determine where you’d like to place your garden. Consider overhanging trees, buildings that could block sun, as well as the terrain. If you have a rocky or hilly yard, you’ll need to adapt to these conditions. Additionally, if you’ll be planting herbs or vegetables, you might want to think about whether you’re interested in organic gardening. Of course, you can also choose raised garden beds which can eliminate problems with poor soil as well as many types of pests. Raised garden beds also offer better accessibility for seniors or others with limited mobility.

Once you’ve planned your space, spend some time evaluating the amount of sun your garden will get. Some plants will need full sun while others will thrive with less sunlight. Carefully consider what you plant and make sure that you understand everything from planting directions, such as spacing, to the water needs of your new garden. If you have any questions, your local garden center will typically have experienced staff ready to help.

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