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How to Stage Your Home in the Spring

When cold winter days give way to warm spring breezes, the daffodils and tulips burst forth with blooms. If you are thinking of selling your home, why not take advantage of the pleasant vibes that come with the season? Before you put your house on the market, bring the exhilaration of spring into your home with some simple home staging strategies.

Choose Accessories in Bright Colors

There’s no need to break open cans of bright paint—simply purchase some throw pillows in bright hues and interesting designs. Colorful throw pillows will pop on a neutral sofa or a bed. Add Lampshades and area rugs with touches of color and totally change the personality of a room, taking it from winter drab to spring chic in minutes.

Bring out the Fresh Flowers

It wouldn’t be spring without the flowers. Adding a vase of flowers to the dining room table is another strategy for giving your home a spring fresh appearance. Bright tulips, yellow daffodils or forsythia branches filled with blooms create an unexpected surprise that greets potential buyers who enter your home. spring home staging

Silk flowers are nice alternatives to live flowers, especially if your are prone to allergies. Choose silk flowers in colors found in nature. Silk tulips will look as pretty as the real thing when arranged tastefully in a frosted glass vase. Fresh flowers don’t get dusty since they don’t last forever, and dusty flowers don’t look real, so be sure to replace your faux arrangements before dust starts to settle.

Let there be Light

Open blinds will bathe your house in sunshine. Natural light enhances the true beauty of your home. It tends to lift the mood and make people happier, which is exactly how you want a home buyer to feel when he or she walks through the front door.  Hardwood floors look more elegant, colorful accessories stand out, and if green potted plants are part of your home staging, natural light and proper watering will allow them to thrive.

Add a Touch of Fragrance

You can add a touch of fragrance to your home with pleasantly-scented candles. Even when they are not burning, scented candles give off a subtle aroma. In fact, good-quality scented candles don’t need to be lit to sweeten a room. Rather than burning candles, which can sometimes be overpowering, place them in strategic places through out your home.

During spring, choose lightly scented floral candles for your home. Avoid using candles to mask odors. A savvy homebuyer can discern between pleasant scents and strong-smelling candles used to mask odors. Trying to cover odors with scented candles may give the wrong impression. Clean or remove the source of unpleasant odors before adding candles to a space. For example, if your cat’s litter box is the source of the odor, clean the box often and make sure the litter is fresh.

These are a few practical tips for spring home www. Dazzle potential buyers with brightly colored accessories, spring flower arrangements, candles with the subtle floral scents and rooms bathed in the natural spring sunlight.

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