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Summer Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Summer is finally here, and along with warm weather comes the perfect time for some serious home maintenance. After a harsh winter, your home is probably in need of a big pick-me-up. These summer cleaning tips will get your house back into tip-top shape.


A lot gets trekked through your home during the winter.  Snow, slush, and mud can leave a big lingering mess.  With your family and pets spending so much time inside, your carpet takes a beating. Summer is the perfect time to schedule a long overdue carpet clean. You can either hire a professional or rent a steam cleaner. 


The exterior of your home can also collect a lot of dirt and grime, making summer the perfect time to give it a good power wash. Power washing will get rid of stains, debris, dirt, and mildew. It’s also essential if you plan on re-painting your home this year. Before power washing, cover electrical outlets, doors, and windows to keep them safe.


Chances are you haven’t thought about your gutters since before winter started. It’s likely that a lot of junk has built up over the last few months. Get up there and clean them out! If you can get a Shop-Vac use the reverse suction function for easy cleanup.


Go through everything in your fridge and get rid of anything that’s old and expired. Do this the night before trash pickup so that you don’t have old food stinking up your trash can all week.

The inside of your fridge isn’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned – the exterior coils need some attention as well. The coils are what get rid of heat from inside the fridge, and if they get dirty or dusty, your fridge may not maintain its temperature as effectively. Turn your fridge’s power off, locate the coils (they’re usually on the bottom or back), and clean them with your vacuum brush attachment.


Fill a baggie with white vinegar and attach it over the showerhead using a rubber band. After an hour, take the bag off, rinse the shower head with fresh water, and polish it using a gentle cloth.

By completing these deep-cleaning tasks each year, your home will stay looking (and performing) its very best. For all of your other home needs, contact us at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Crager Tobin Real Estate!


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