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The Benefits of Buying a Home in Central Ohio

House hunting in Central Ohio? The market is hot and homes are being sold before the “For Sale” sign even hits the yard. With rising property values, homes are selling for even more than the appraised price, which is a total turnaround from just a few years ago. If you’ve started to think twice about buying a home in Central Ohio—don’t! We’ll work with you to make sure you find a property that not only fits your needs, but also your desires when it comes to neighborhoods, nearby cities, and attractions. Here are some questions we think you might find useful when it comes to the benefits of buying a home in Central Ohio.

What areas are most popular?

Clintonville, Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights, and Old Towne are in demand the most.

What areas are the newcomers?

Obetz, Whitehall and the Franklinton communities were once ignored, but are now selling very well.

Can I stick to my budget?

Many recent homebuyers have had to make some compromises in order to purchase a house in the town they want. For example, buyers may settle on a two-bedroom home in order to be in their ideal neighborhood as opposed to a more spacious three bedroom home in a less desirable neighborhood.  

Should I be worried about the economy?

The surge in the Central Ohio housing market is likely due to the healthy economy, but there’s a chance that people could end up paying too much for their mortgages. If another recession were to arise, homeowners could find themselves paying for more than their home’s worth.

What school districts are best?

  • Dublin City School District
  • Olentangy Local School District
  • Bexley City School District
  • New Albany-Plain Local School District
  • Grandview Heights City School District

Are there any cultural attractions in Central Ohio?

The Wexner Center for the Arts (located on the campus of The Ohio State University) is a cultural hub for Central Ohio. Located in Columbus, it’s the city’s primary source for contemporary art, film, performances, theater, exhibitions, and more.

What’s the closest big city?

With over 800,000 residents, Columbus is the fifteenth largest city in the country, right behind San Francisco.

Can I get my sports fix?

Over 90% of Columbus residents consider themselves football fans, more specifically Buckeye football fans. These fans are loyal to Ohio State and make Saturday game days festive and enjoyable. After kickoff, the city streets are typically empty, making it the perfect time to take a tour, or give one to visitors. The city is also home to the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team and the Crew soccer team.

Are there opportunities for European influence?

There’s a small neighborhood in Columbus called German Village, which is one of the premier historic districts in the country.

Are there places to spend time outside?

If you love flowers and greenspace, you’re in luck. The Columbus Park of Roses in Clintonville offers delightful smells and beautiful surroundings. There’s also the 14-mile long Olentangy Trail, which is perfect for bike riding your way from Worthington Hills to downtown Columbus. When you’re ready to hop off your bike, you can navigate the hidden trail off the bike path.

Columbus residents are also fortunate to have two rivers available for enjoyment and recreation. Whether you like to walk alongside a beautiful river or find thrill in the speed of wakeboarding down a waterway, the Scioto River and Olentangy River offer beautiful outdoor opportunities for recreation.

If you’ve got your eye on real estate in Central Ohio, don’t wait another day to start looking! You’ll be happy to know that fantastic schools, rich culture, sports teams, and more await. Our team is ready to help you get into the Central Ohio home you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today!

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