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The Benefits of Buying a Home in the Summer

There are a number of benefits to buying a home in the summer, particularly in areas like central Ohio. Summer offers one of the very best times to purchase a home for a wide variety of reasons. Here are the top four reasons to consider buying a home this summer. 

Easiest time to move

Probably the biggest reason the warmer months are a great time of year to buy a home is how much easier it makes moving. Not only do you not have to worry about icy sidewalks or slippery stairs when carrying belongings in and out, but kids are out of school and it is easier to get vacation time at work. The road conditions are better as well, making long moves safer and easier. Both weather and logistics tend to work together best to make this the least stressful time for a move.

It’s when most people move

Whether you are selling one house and buying another or you’re moving from a rental to your own home, this time of year is when real estate markets are hottest. Not only does that mean you will have the most properties to choose from when looking for a home to buy, it’s also when your home has the highest chance of selling quickly. If you want to have an easy transition between selling one home and purchasing another, summertime is key.

It will help you see just how much outdoor maintenance is required

Summer is the time when homes, lawns and landscaping tend to look their best. This will also give you a good idea of just how much maintenance will be required for the appearance of the property. House-hunting in the summer will allow you to see the property at its prime. In the winter, homes tend to appear dreary due to a combination of accumulated dirt and dead lawns and landscaping. It can be hard to get excited about spending the money that most homes cost when it’s not looking its best.

Best time to transition for the kids

Your children are most likely one of your top priorities when it comes to moving. Moving isn’t easy on kids, especially when it means leaving their school and friends. To make the transition as easy on them as possible, take advantage of their summertime school vacation as the perfect time to relocate. Uprooting kids in the middle of the year can make it hard to adjust socially and academically. Moving in the summer sets them up for success in the fall and will help them appropriately adjust to their new life.

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