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Tips for Finding a Good Lender

shutterstock_303624503From recognizable brands to unknown businesses and banks to third parties, lenders come in various forms. Selecting the right one takes research and more research. Shockingly, selecting a lender based on mortgage or interest rates alone could prove disastrous. Therefore, include these lender tips too.

Understand your finances
This comes in three forms: understanding credit score, understanding your bank accounts, and understanding what to borrow. The credit score is important because lenders will not approve horrible credit scores. Know the checking and savings account amounts. Ensure the amount is sufficient to pay a down payment, closing costs, insurance, and property taxes. Use a mortgage calculator to determine the affordable amount. Discuss and finalize the borrowing amount before the lender search.

Compare Interest Rates
Many buyers feel the lowest interest rate is the winner. Low-interest rates could contain unwelcome limitations and fees, so compare two or more interest rates to find the best value. Compare supplemental offerings such as monthly payment and fees. Is the low-interest rate providing more bang for the buck, or is a higher interest rate the better deal?

Research potential lenders
Visit the company website to learn about their organization and experience. Read online reviews about the lender to determine their reputation. Contact potential lenders in person or by phone and ask questions. Examples to ask the lender are the lender’s requirements, fees, hidden charges, and restrictions. Take their answers and perform additional research, including the fine print. Listen to family, friends, and the agent’s advice, but you make the final decision.

Comfort level
This section isn’t a tiebreaker between two tempting offers. This is a very important step. No matter how sweet the deal, fair treatment and a friendly atmosphere bring in more customers than rude, hostile, and uncaring people.

The best lender will watch out for your best interests, not push you toward uncomfortable decisions. We hope these real estate tips help buyers find the right lender.

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