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Tips For Hanging Pictures In Your Home

shutterstock_152299592Whether you’re hanging a single picture or a grouping, knowing how to position them as well as hang them right, the first time, is important. For example, some professional tips for hanging pictures in your home can help you get the look and balance you need for a beautiful decor.

One excellent tip for homeowners is to arrange your groupings on the floor before you begin to hang the individual pictures. You’ll be able to move the pictures around in order to get the look you desire. Once you have everything the way you like, start by deciding where you want the center of your grouping. Once you have the middle picture hung, you can measure the distance between the surrounding pictures and hang accordingly.

When hanging pictures, they should typically be at eye level. Of course, eye level will vary greatly between individuals, but many decorators recommend that pictures should be hung about 57″ from the floor, give or take a couple of inches. Additionally, when you’re hanging a picture over a sofa, you should aim to have approximately 3″ to 6″ between the back of the sofa and the bottom edge of the picture.

When you have a large wall, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a picture that is large enough to make the space looked balanced. A single small picture can look lost on an expansive wall; likewise, choosing a large picture for a small wall can look overwhelming.

Once you’re ready to hang your picture, make sure that you have what you need. Your local home improvement store will have a variety of picture hanging kits that can be used to hang pictures of various sizes. Keep in mind, the larger and heavier the picture, the bigger the hook that will be needed to hang it. Always check the weight range for the picture hanging kit you purchase.

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