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Tips for Staging Your Home in the Spring

Staging your home, in general, is an essential step in the home buying and selling process. This step gives you an apt opportunity to present your home with the perspective of potential buyers in mind. Staging your home provides the chance to sell a dream, not just a house.

What does staging your home involve?

Staging your home is strategic, yet it can also be fun. It requires deliberately arranging your furniture and décor to make your home most appealing while trying to sell. This step provides the opportunity to increase the sales price and is often the key to selling your home; staged houses tend to sell faster and at a better rate compared to homes that are not staged. 

What are a few universal home staging tips?

  1.    Declutter the space

Ideally, you want the home you are trying to sell to be free of clutter, giving the potential buyers a full view of the property space. This step also includes deep cleaning to give your house that extra shine. Sometimes the smallest of things, such as a dirty bathtub or dusty ceiling fan can present a negative viewpoint to a potential buyer.

  1.    Avoid Dull and Gloomy colors 

Dull colors don’t necessarily offer positive vibes and atmospheres. You want the colors inside your home to present a confident and comfortable feeling as a potential buyer walks through the house. Another crucial part of this process is to be sure to have well-lit rooms; do this by avoiding dingy lampshades, and by updating lamp fixtures as needed.

  1.    Focus on important rooms first

Preferably, you want to stage your entire house, but to do so can be extremely time consuming and possibly costly.  If you are finding yourself in this situation, you can try staging the important room(s) first. You would want to attempt and stage at least the living room, if not any other room in the house. The living room is usually the main focus of the home. It is the central location, and often one of the rooms that families typically spend most of their time. The next room to stage would be the Master bedroom.

  1.    Rent furniture/décor if needed

Sometimes our personal furniture (couches, dining chairs, rugs) does not necessarily offer a showroom-ready appearance. If possible, you may want to rent a few pieces of furniture to show in your home, to reach your ideal showcase vision. However, remember not to have too many pieces of furniture, because it can cause a cluttered feeling.

Also, renting small items such as paintings and vases can be beneficial in completing your vision and adding any finishing touches.

  1.    Don’t neglect the outside of your home

Often we get caught up in perfecting the inside of our home that we completely forget to show some TLC to the outside of the house.

Outside TLC includes:

  •      Cleaning windows
  •      Mowing the yard (front and back)
  •      Picking up any toys/tools from the yard
  •      Plant/maintain flowers

Although these tips may seem like insignificant things to do, the outside of the home is the first thing potential homebuyers see when they come to view your house and the best opportunity to make a good first impression.

How do you stage your home in the Spring?

Ultimately you want to focus on the five tips listed previously; those tips are the foundation to successfully staging your home.

However, there are in-depth steps you can take to make sure your home is ready to sell in the Spring.

  1.    Outside Décor

As mentioned before, the outside of your home should be just as charming as the inside of your home. Spring is such a beautiful and warm time of the year; so shaping your front/back yard to flow into the spring theme will set your house apart from others.

You can add a bright design, such as a floral wreath onto your front door, coupled with a pleasant doormat and Redbud or Snowdrop Anemone flowers along the front of the house. These pieces will set the spring mood before stepping foot into your home.

  1.    Use Spring smells

After you deep cleaned your home, you don’t necessarily want it smelling like bleach and other cleaning chemicals. It would be best to bring that fresh spring smell indoors to set the mood properly. You can do this with candles, diffusers, fresh flowers or incense. Some popular spring scents are Lavender, bitter orange and Hyacinth, to name a few.

  1.    Spring colors/designs

One of the most popular spring colors, as well as spring scent, is Lavender. You can spruce up your Master bedroom with crisp linens and a few lavender accent pillows.

If you prefer floral designs, that would be a perfect bedspread to set out, along with a few colorful accent pillows.

If you do not want Lavender pillows or a floral bedspread, you can embellish by placing Lavender flowers by your bedside. Alternatively, you can also choose to put Pal Pink Geraniums in your Master bedroom.

Ideally any bright, blossoming and beautiful color would be great to achieve a spring scene!


Overall you want to be able to maximize your space and charm prospective home buyers by appealing to their dreams with the vision you created in your home. If they can see their dreams in your Staged Spring showcase, then you have completed your objective and established an emotional connection with the potential buyer to your home; Eventually leading you to a lucrative sale.


Contact Crager Realty for help through that next step in making the sale!

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