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Tips To Help Buyers Envision Their Lives In Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home this summer, you probably have a checklist of things to do in preparation. Regardless of how much you prepare, the ability of buyers to envision themselves in your home can make or break a sale. When scoping out a home, people consider things like how their family will fit into the space, how easy it will be to cook and clean, and how they will make use of each room. If a buyer cannot imagine themselves in your home, you are not making the sale. So, how can you help potential buyers picture themselves?

Curb Appeal

The first secret that you need to know is that the process of falling in or out of love with the property starts as soon as the buyer pulls up to the driveway. To help make a great initial first impression mow the lawn properly, clean the entryway, plant some flowers, repaint the home and the mailbox, add some patio furniture, repair and repaint the old rickety fence. In short, win the buyer over as soon as they lay eyes on your home.

Staging The Home

The inside of the home is where you have to do most of the work. The staging process includes depolarization. Ideally, a stranger should do the assessment and recommend the additions and subtractions to be made. Keep the home simply decorated and tidy. You do not want the rooms to feel too busy, and a dirty home is just unsightly.

Highlight The Selling Points

Start by removing all the family portraits from the walls. If you want a buyer to envision themselves in the space, you cannot have your images plastered everywhere. Next, ensure that all the unique selling points, such as a brick fireplace, a wraparound patio, a view of the beach or a swimming pool, are all highlighted for the showing.

Make It Feel Like Home

One of the oldest tricks in the book about making a house feel homey is baking something on the day that prospective customers come over. The smell of the freshly baked cookies or scones makes people feel welcomed and at ease. Other tricks that include getting some fresh flowers for display and opening all windows and blinds to bring in the warmth and light of the outdoors into the house.

With these tips, you will be prepared to help make it as easy as possible for a prospective buyer to envision themselves in your home. If you are looking to buy or sell, contact the experts at Crager Hathaway Homeservices Berkshire Tobin Real Estate today. Together, we will set you up for success while relocating!

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